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Fermenter - Speidel 7.9 Gallon 30 Liter - HDPE Plastic - Reviews

Fermenter - Speidel 7.9 Gallon 30 Liter - HDPE Plastic

average rating 80%
Big upgrade from plastic buckets and lesser plastic fermenters 10/02/2019
By Michelangelo Alcantar
Big upgrade from regular plastic fermenters. I was using a big mouth bubbler from northern brewer before I bought this.
This fermenter is well worth the price. Build quality is exceptional, the handles are rugged, there's plenty of headspace for aggressive fermenting beers, and the spigot makes kegging and taking samples a breeze. I bought the gas in attachment as well for doing pressurized transfers.
All the accessories that norcal supply sells for this are well worth the money as well. Especially the thermowell blow off tube combo.

I took off one star just because the fermenter doesn't come with gallon line markers. I had to measure out water and mark them manually, but that was a one time affair.

Highly recommended for someone who doesn't want to spend a ton of money on stainless steel, but still have a ton of options for accessories.
Speidel FE715 30 Liter (7.9 Gallon) Plastic Fermenter Fermenter - Speidel 7.9 Gallon 30 Liter - HDPE Plastic SKU: 2152 Price: $69.99
7.9 gallon (30 liter) food grade HDPE plastic fermenter from Speidel.