Beer Recipe Kit Samuel Adams Boston Lager Clone 5 Gallons

Beer Recipe Kit - Extract - Samuel Adams Boston Lager

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Samuel Adams Boston Lager clone. 5 gallon beer ingredients kit. Partial wort boil extract with steeping grains.
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Samuel Adams Boston Lager

5 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit

Extract with Steeping Grains


3 gallon partial boil, 5 gallons final volume


Samuel Adams Boston Lager is the Boston Beer Company’s original flagship beer, dating back to 1984. This beer helped lead the American beer revolution.

Deep amber to golden in color, moderate Noble hops, big on clean, crisp full-bodied barley taste, yet moderately low in alcohol content – so you can have more than 1!

An easy kit that is excellent for beginning brewers.


·         Starting Gravity: 1.049

·         Ending Gravity: 1.012

·         Estimated Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 4.8%

·         International Bittering Units (IBU): 28.6

Like all our beer kits, this kit comes complete with:

·         Name brand liquid or dried malt extract

·         Steeping grains crushed and ready to go

·         Muslin steeping bag(s) to hold grains while you steep

·         Name brand hops

·         50 oxygen absorbing bottle caps – beer stays fresh longer!

·         5 ounces priming sugar for bottle carbonation. (If you keg instead of bottle, you can add this to your wort during the last 5 minutes of boiling for a little extra “zing”!)

·         Name brand dry beer yeast

·         Yeast nutrient for the healthiest yeast propagation

·         Easy to follow, detailed instructions (with phone and email support if you need it)

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