Sierra Nevada Ovila Quad Abbey Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit Bottle

Beer Recipe Kit - Extract - Sierra Nevada Ovila Quad

Beer Recipe Kit - Extract - Sierra Nevada Ovila Quad
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Sierra Nevada Ovila Quad Belgian Abbey Ale clone 5 gallon beer recipe kit. 3 gallon wort boil. Extract with steeping grains.
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Sierra Nevada Ovila Quad Clone

5 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit

Extract with Steeping Grains


3 gallon partial boil, 5 gallons final volume


Warning! This is not for the timid beer drinker, and not for the timid brewer!

This is our take on the original Ovila quad a Belgian Abbey Ale that was a collaboration between Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and the Monks of New Clairvaux of Vina, California.

This rich, sweet, chocolatey, malty goodness will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all over!

Deep dark amber in color, moderately low hops. The dark Belgian candi sugar - when attacked by the Abbaye yeast produces a distinct fig flavor that is hard to resist.


         Starting Gravity: 1.094

         Ending Gravity: 1.018

         Estimated Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 10.1%

         International Bittering Units (IBU): 22.6

The kit comes with:

         Name brand liquid or dried malt extract

         Steeping grains crushed and ready to go

         Name brand hops

         Easy to follow, detailed instructions (with phone and email support if you need it)

PLEASE NOTE: A yeast is necessary to make this beer. Unless you already have yeast on hand you will need to select a yeast from the pull-down menu. We recommend that you select a DRY yeast if we are shipping to you during the hot months of June September.

Add the following OPTIONAL items through pull-down menus:

         1 ounce of Fermax yeast nutrient for the healthiest yeast propagation

         Muslin steeping bag(s) to hold crushed grain and hops

         Whirlfloc tablet for the clearest beer possible

         If you are bottling the finished beer you will need:

        50 oxygen absorbing bottle caps

         5 ounces priming sugar for bottle carbonation


Beer Recipe Kit - Extract - Sierra Nevada Ovila Quad
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Featured positive reviews:

Beer Recipe Kit - Extract - Sierra Nevada Ovila Quad
Greatest Beer Supplier Ever
After making many gallons of beer I have always been happy with the quality of ingredients and brewing instructions. I have tried numerous other suppliers and found NorCal Brewing to exceed them all. The beer always turns out good.

Beyond that, the staff at NorCal is outstanding in knowledge, friendlyness, and helpfulness. When I get stumped on developing a clone recipe they always get it right coming amazingly close to what I am shooting for.

Great beer, fantastic people and service.

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