Beer Bottle Crown Caps - Oxygen Absorbing - Orange - 144 Count

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Beer, Soda, and Cider bottle caps. Shiny orange, oxygen absorbing. 144 count (1 gross).
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Orange Bottle Cap Crowns

Oxygen Absorbing Liner Protects Flavor

Premium Tin-Plated Steel – 12 Dozen = 144 Count


Want to easily tell your beer, soda, mead, or cider apart? Use COLOR CODED bottle caps!

Manufactured from brand new tin-plated steel. Properly stick to magnet in bottle capper for easy application.

Factory painted and lacquered to prevent rust and corrosion.

Shiny, smooth surface.

Standard 26mm size fits standard 12, 22, 24, 32, and 40 ounce bottles if they are NOT twist-off style. Will pry or pop open with any standard bottle opener.

Special lining absorbs oxygen. Helps preserve freshness and color of contents by preventing oxidation.


  • 100% new – no recycled materials
  • Tin-plated steel
  • Oxygen absorbing liner

·         Factory painted and lacquered

  • Snug fit for pretty much ANY beer / soda pop bottle
  • 144 count will bottle:
    • 6 cases (of 24 each) of 12-ounce bottles = 13.5 US Gallons
    • 12 cases (of 12 each) of 22-ounce bottles = 24.75 US Gallons

PACKAGING: In order to bring you this low price we purchase these bottle caps in bulk, then package 144 caps into individual Ziploc bags. You can use the caps you need, then seal and store the rest for the next time you need them.

All packaging is done in a sanitary environment using brand new Ziploc bags.

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