Beer Ingredients Extract Deschutes Brewery Black Butter Porter 6-Pack

Beer Recipe Kit - Extract - Deschutes Black Butte Porter

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Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter 5 gallon beer ingredients kit. Partial wort boil extract with steeping grains.
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Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter Clone
from NorCal Brewing Solutions

5 Gallon Beer Ingredients Kit

Extract with Steeping Grains


3 gallon partial boil, 5 gallons final volume


One of our popular “brown bag” in-house beer ingredient kits. Save money on fancy packaging – spend it on quality ingredients!

This beer is Deschutes Brewery’s flagship beer – the one that started it all back in 1988. A slight hop bitterness up front enhances the distinctive chocolate and roasted finish. It’s prized for its creamy mouthfeel and intense complex flavors.

We think we nailed this clone – but you be the judge! Easy to brew.


·         Starting Gravity: 1.058

·         Ending Gravity: 1.018

·         Estimated Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.2%

·         International Bittering Units (IBU): 28.8

·         This beer’s secret ingredient: Mangrove Jack’s Newcastle Brown Ale Yeast

Like all our beer kits, this kit comes complete with:

·         Name brand liquid or dried malt extract

·         Steeping grains crushed and ready to go

·         Muslin steeping bag(s) to hold grains while you steep

·         Name brand hops

·         50 oxygen absorbing bottle caps – beer stays fresh longer!

·         5 ounces priming sugar for bottle carbonation. (If you keg instead of bottle, you can add this to your wort during the last 5 minutes of boiling for a little extra “zing”!)

·         Name brand dry beer yeast

·         1 ounce of Fermax yeast nutrient for the healthiest yeast propagation

·         Easy to follow, detailed instructions (with phone and email support if you need it)

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