Caramel / Crystal Malt - 15 Lovibond (American)

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Great Western Malting American Crystal 15 malt.
Caramel / Crystal 15 L - 1 OZ Unmilled $0.12 Qty
Caramel / Crystal 15 L - 1 OZ Milled $0.12 Qty

Great Western Malting Crystal 15 Malt is a light caramel malt that produces light golden hues, with a mellow, candy-like sweetness. There is a subtle toffee flavor - similar to spun sugar. Contributes  more flavor than Carapils malt, but not as much as darker crystal malts. Crystal malts are known for promoting body and foam stability (head retention) in beer. 

Lovibond: 15

Usage (Max): 15%

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