Five Star Chemicals 5.2 ph Mash Stabilizer 1 Pound Can

5.2 pH Stabilizer - 1 LB Can

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Manufactured by Five Star Chemicals and Supply, Inc. Gets mash ph as close to 5.2 ph as possible.
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A very popular pH stabilizer manufactured by Five Star Chemicals & Supply, Inc. (the makers of Star San).

  • "Buffers" the pH of your mash water as close as possible to 5.2 pH.:
    • If your water source pH is too high, it lowers it toward 5.2
    • If your water source pH is too low, it raises it toward 5.2
  • Optimizes enzyme activity of starch conversion to sugar - can increase starting gravity
  • Does not alter wort flavor in any way
  • Aids in consistent hop utilization in the boil
  • Helps to clarify wort
  • Keeps hard water salts in solution, which will result in less scaling in your heat exchangers, fermenters, and kegs.
  • Assures highest level of alcohol production in grain, corn, etc.
  • Perfect for beer and spirits grains

Usage: 3 ounces per 31 gallons leaving the boil kettle. For simplicity, this equates to 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons of finished post-boil wort, added directly to mash water. No need to add to hot liquor tank or boil kettle (in other words, don't use it in your sparge process).

Condition: Brand new
Form: Dried powder
1-Pound retail-ready plastic container

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