Irish Moss Flakes - 1 LB

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1 Pound Irish Moss Flakes. An all-natural fining agent to produce clear beers.
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Irish Moss (aka Carrageen)

Protein Coagulant / Beer Clarifier

1 Pound Sealed Bag


Irish Moss is widely used by brewers as an all-natural fining agent to produce brilliantly clear beers.

Also known as Carrageen. Irish Moss is a marine algae used to remove excess proteins from beer wort, eliminating excess proteins and producing clear beers that age better and have better flavor.

Irish Moss coagulates suspended protein in a liquid and causes it to precipitate out of solution. The effects of Irish Moss can be enhanced by cooling the wort as quickly as possible to fermentation temperature.

Usage: 1 level teaspoon per 5-gallon batch of beer.

Add: Last 10 minutes of boil.

Form: Dried

Packaging: Poly-sealed plastic bag.

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