Specialty Malt / Grain - Roasted Barley (UK

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Bairds Malt Roasted Barley malt from England.
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Bairds Malt, Ltd. Raosted Barely malt from the British Isles. Adds a deep, dark ruby (to black - depending on usage) color and a sharp, dry, roasted flavor with lots of coffee character. Made from unmalted barley, making it different from Black Malt (which is roasted, malted barley). Creates a creamy white to off-white head. Use in very small amounts (<2 ounces for 5 gallons) for color adjustment. Use in the following beer styles: Guinness, stout, dry stout, irish stout.

Lovibond: 500-600

Moisture % (Max): 3%

Extract CG Dry (Min): 68.0

Usage Rate (Max): 10%

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