Mangrove Jacks beer brewing yeast M47 Belgian Abbey 10 gram pack front

Beer Yeast - Dry - Mangrove Jack's M47 Belgian Abbey

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Mangrove Jack's M47 Belgian Abbey dry beer brewing yeast 10 gram pack
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Mangrove Jack’s M47

Belgian Abbey Ale Yeast

Craft Series Dry Beer Yeast


Hard-to-find beer yeast from the United Kingdom.

Moderately alcohol tolerant with fewer phenols than Belgian Ale, this yeast is exceptionally fruity with hugely complex esters and is highly flocculant.

Withstands a high fermentation temperature. The higher the temperature the more fruit esters will be produced.

Suitable for Belgian Pale Ales and Abbey Ales.

Sprinkle directly over the top of aerated beer wort. No rehydration necessary!


Attenuation: HIGH

Flocculation: HIGH

Net Weight: 10 Grams

Treats up to: 6 Gallons (23 Liters)

Fermentation Temp: 64F – 77F (18C – 25C)


GUARANTEED TO HAVE A “BEST USE BY” DATE AT LEAST 6 MONTHS FROM TODAY. Yeast box is for illustration only and is NOT included :-)

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