Heavy Alligator Char Oak Sticks 3 ounce pack of 2

Oak Sticks - Heavy Alligator Char - 3 Oz.

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Heavy alligator char oak sticks - 3 ounce pack of 2
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Oak Sticks Heavy Alligator Char

2 Stick Pack Approx. 3 Ounces

by NorCal Brewing Solutions


Double pack of heavy alligator char oak sticks cut from oak barrel staves.

Each stick is designed for use in 16 ounce (quart size) or larger Mason, Ball, or Kerr jars.

Each stick is approximately 3/4" x 3/4" x 5 in size, and weighs between 1.25 and 2 ounces. Sticks are hand cut and hand toasted, so size and weight will vary.


         Remove staves from bag

         Rub together under cold running water for 30 seconds to remove any heavy char coating

         Rinse with hot water before placing into jar

         Fill jar with liquid of choice and seal lid

         Taste contents of jar at regular intervals (every 24 hours or so) until desired charred oak character is achieved

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