Bucket - Ported Fermenting Kit - 6.5 Gallon

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Complete 6.5 Gallon fermentation kit including ported bucket, sampling spigot, lid, and airlock.
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Ported Fermenting Bucket Kit

Allows Easy Taking of Samples

Complete Kit: Bucket, Sampling Spigot, Lid, Airlock

Got your beer or wine into the fermenter, but forgot to take an Original Gravity reading?

Not sure if your beer or wine is done fermenting?

Just simply want to taste your product, but don’t want the hassle of removing the lid (and subjecting your beer or wine to oxygen)?

NorCal Brewing Solutions has THE SOLUTION!


·         6.5 gallon food grade fermenting bucket by BSG Handcraft.

·         Ported by NorCal Brewing Solutions about 8” off the bottom (around the 3 gallon mark)

·         Outfitted with a 3/8” diameter (hose connection size) sampling spigot (included!)

·         Allows you to take samples and gravity readings without disturbing the bucket, or removing the lid!

·         Bucket features handy Original Gravity / Final Gravity / Alcohol by Volume chart printed on one side

·         Volume chart (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 gallon marks) printed on other side.

·         Bucket lid and 3-Piece Airlock included!

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