Potassium Metabisulfite - 1 LB

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Works as a sanitizer, stabilizer, preservative, and anti-oxidant.
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There are two uses for potassium metabislfute:

  • BEFORE FERMENTATION: Works as a sanitizer to control spoilage bacteria and indigenous wild yeast that may already be present on the fruit and in the winery.
  • AFTER FERMENTATION: Works as a stabilizer, preservative, and anti-oxidant. Helps preserve color and clarity.
Typical usage prior to fermentation: Use 1/16 teaspoon per gallon to sanitizate grapes or fruit in preparation to make grape wine, fruit wine, or cider.

Typical usage after fermentation:
Use 1/8 teaspoon per gallon to stabilize and preserve grape wine, fruit wine, or cider.

Form: Powder.

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