Siphon - Easy Auto Siphon - 3/8"

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Easy Auto Siphon by TrueBrew™. 3/8" diameter inner racking cane.
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Easy Auto-Siphon by TrueBrew™.

  • Made of lightweight plastic. Full size: Approximately 23" long.
  • Easy to use: Single pull-up, push-down action starts flow of liquid through inner tube
  • Removable offset tip on bottom. Transfer liquid while leaving sediment behind
  • Connect 3/8" tubing to inner racking cane. Use 3 - 4 feet of tubing
  • Keeps aeration at a minimum
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Fits no problem through neck of standard glass or plastic carboys
  • Works great for buckets, casks, pails and barrels too!

Packaging: Shipped in its original plastic bag placed inside white tube cardboard box.

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