Caramel / Crystal Malt - Carapils Dextrin (American)

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Briess 2-Row American Carapils malt.
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Briess 2-Row Carapils Malt is a unique, dextrine-style barley malt. It adds body, foam retention, and beer stability without influencing color or aroma. The non-fermentable sugars in Carapils malt are very advantageous in balancing body and flavor of dark colored beers, but Carapils can be used to enhance beers of any type. This malt is devoid of enzymes and must be steeped in hot water or mashed with other enzyme-rich malts.

Lovibond: 1.3

Moisture % (Max): 6.5%

Protein Total (Max): N/A

Extract CG Dry (Min): 73.0

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