Ss Brewing Technologies Brewmaster 1/2 Barrel Chronical Conical Fermenter

Fermenter - Ss Brewing Brewmaster Series Chronical Conical - 1/2 Barrel

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Ss Brewing Technologies 1/2 Barrel Brewmaster Series Chronical the Conical Fermenter
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SS Brewing Technologies

Brewmaster Series

Half Barrel, 17 Gallon (68 Quart) “Chronical”

Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter

From Ss Brewtech’s flagship fermenter: The Brewmaster Series Chronical line.

A premium line of Chronical fermentors with butterfly valves, a bigger lid port, sampling valve, etc.

This fermenter has several features you should compare to competitive offerings, including a domed lid with a 3" TC port on the top, a standard fitted FTSs chiller coil that installs inside the fermenter body (not the lid), custom tailored neoprene jacket (included), an included sampling valve, internal electrically etched gallon markings, rotating racking arm (included), custom designed butterfly valves, and like all Ss fermenters this Chronical will come with a beautiful polished finish that would look at home in a museum or art gallery let alone your brewery! These are gorgeous pieces of craftsmanship!  

And with the 3" TC lid port you will now be able add some great upgrade options such as a CIP assembly and a stainless blow-off cane.  We'll also offer a 3" TC to 1.5" TC reducer so you can leverage existing 1.5" TC fittings.  The sky is the limit with these fermentors and you aren't going to find a more compelling set of standard features not to mention a nice host of optional upgrade features you can bolt on later!

Features List at a Glance

  • 17 Gal Capacity (+ 1.3 gal in lid)
  • 304 SS construction
  • Custom Squeeze Trigger SS Butterfly Valves
  • 3" TC Lid Port for Dry Hopping and CIP
  • Includes 3" TC Clamp, Gasket and Cap
  • 3" Lid Cap has 17 mm hole for Airlock / Blowoff
  • Sampling Port included
  • 304 Ss Weldless Chiller Coil mounted to body
  • Tailored Neoprene Insulation Jacket included.
  • 1.5" TC Dumping and Racking Ports
  • Rotating TC Racking Arm included
  • Includes Weldless Thermowell & LCD Thermometer
  • Sanitary Welds & Beautiful Polished Finish!
  • Brewer's Grade Silicone Gaskets
  • Electrically etched internal volume markers (Gal & L)
  • Threaded inserts on leg bottoms allow for Caster Upgrades (not included)
  • Upgrade your system further with a Ss Blow off cane or CIP ball (not included)
  • 38" Height x 18" Wide

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