Red Star Premier Rouge Pasteur Red Dry Wine Yeast 5 gram pack
Red Star Premier Rouge Pasteur Red Dry Wine Yeast 5 gram pack
Red Star Premier Rouge Pasteur Red Dry Wine Yeast 5 gram pack Back

Wine Yeast - Dry - Red Star - Premier Rouge

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5 grams. Red wines, early picked grapes. One packet per up to 6 gallons of wine.
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Red Star Premier Rouge (used to be called Pasteur Red)
Saccharomyces Sereviciae

Selected by the University of Davis, California. This yeast strain is widely used in the United States.

Fermentative Properties
This strain guarantees a fast start of the fermentation process while taking immediately the upper hand on the indigenous flora.

Good alcohol resistance (till 15% vol.)

Present a complete and regular fermentation kinetic within a wide temperature range from 17°C to 30°C.

Low volatile acidity and acetaldehyde production under suitable nutritional conditions.

Organoleptic Properties
Strain able to improve the softness and the roundness of full bodied wines thanks to the valorisation of the lightest tannins.

Varietal strain adapted to the vinification of Bordeaux grapes: development of “cut herbs” like aromas with Cabernet Sauvignon and “ripen fruits” like aromas with Merlot.

Adapted to international market requirements by producing full bodied red wines poor in astringency.

Production of complex aromas which combine with oak flavors to create a very original organoleptic profile, what can bring character to the lightest wines.

Recommended for the vinifications of high quality red wines aged in oak barrels.

Particularly adapted to the production of red wines from Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz grape families and to all full bodied wines.

For long maceration processes with grapes rich in astringent tannins.

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