Wine Corks - Acquamark - Natural - Premium Grade - 1,000 Count

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Acquamark premium grade wine bottle corks. 1,000 count. 45mm x 24mm (#9 x 1-3/4")
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Acquamark® Wine Bottle Corks

#9 x 1-3/4” (24mm x 45mm)

Premium Winery Grade – Natural Cork – 1,000 Count


Acquamark® winery grade premium wine corks.

Acquamark® is a whole, natural cork stopper designed to meet the needs of super-premium wines, or extended aging time.

Whole, natural corks are the most environmentally-friendly stoppers, and produce the top-quality seal needed to preserve fine wines.

The Acquamark® cork goes beyond this normally high standard, applying a water-based coating of cork extract which binds to the stopper's surface, filling the lenticels and enhancing the sealing potential.

We recommend the Acquamark® for super-premium wines, wines that will be aged more than two years, or wherever the classic style of a whole, natural cork is desired


  • 100% natural cork – 1,000 count
  • The most common cork size in the world! #9 x 1-3/4” (24mm x 45mm) shrinks down more than standard grade corks once inserted into a bottle – for a tighter, longer-lasting seal
  • Fit pretty much ANY wine bottle including 375ml, 500ml, 750ml, and 1.5 liter
  • Fit clear and colored wine bottles, punted or flat bottom
  • Manufactured in Portugal by Amorim

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