Wine Thief - Professional - 29" Heavy Duty Glass

Wine Thief - Professional - 29" Heavy Duty Glass
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Professional Wine Thief Heavy-Duty Glass 1-Piece. 29" long.
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Professional Grade Wine Thief

Heavy Duty Glass 29” Long

Large Capacity, Works with the Largest Barrels!


Premium, heavy duty glass wine thief fabricated in the United States specifically for NorCal Brewing Solutions.

Thief weighs 1 pound… This is not your average, cheap, light-weight, easy-to-break thief!

The problem with wine thieves on the market today is that they simply aren’t long enough. This thief is long enough to reach the bottom of the largest, full-sized professional wine barrels.

Large capacity… can fill a test tube with fewer fill-and-transfer moves. Disturbs contents of the barrel as little as possible.

Packed in sturdy cardboard tube (with foam inserts) for protection.

Use it for taking samples of beer, cider, mead, whiskey, etc.


  • Heavy duty glass – 1 pound net weight
  • 29” long, 1” wide stem
  • 1-5/8” wide glass bulb creates a vacuum to minimize dripping
  • 170 ml. (5.75 ounces) capacity to bottom of glass bulb
  • Packaged and sent in sturdy cardboard tube with foam inserts
  • Manufactured in Chico, California
Wine Thief - Professional - 29" Heavy Duty Glass
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Wine Thief - Professional - 29" Heavy Duty Glass
Love This Wine Thief
This is a seriously heavy duty wine thief! Feels very substantial in hand and the extra length allows me to finally sample out of my carboys with ease. I have now been sampling during the course of primary fermentation on my brews, something I did not do before because it involved tipping the glass carboy and multiple attempts to get enough liquid into the hydrometer container...now it is easy and I am paying more attention to the progress of my fermentation. Much better control on my lagers.
Wine Thief - Professional - 29" Heavy Duty Glass
glass wine theif
This thing is real heavy glass! It reaches to the bottom of a 13 gallon carboy with no problem, its a little tight in the 5 gallon. Barrels are an easy reach. Still glass so be careful.

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