Jaybird False Bottom for Blichmann Boilermaker BE30 30 Gallon Brew Kettle

False Bottom - Kettle - Blichmann BE30Gal

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19-5/8" false bottom for Blichmann Boilermaker BE30 30-Gallon Kettle. Click on image or title for more information.

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Jaybird False Bottom

for Blichmann BE30 30 Gallon Kettle

304 Stainless Steel


Custom manufactured 19-5/8 Jaybird False Bottom custom made to fit Blichmann BE30 30 gallon brew kettle.

         Select optional handle for easy insertion and removal

         Select optional 1/2" dip tube hole in any location you specify (use text entry area provided above). Standard Blichmann hole location is approximately 2-1/2 from edge, which is where we will drill it if you do not specify a different location.

         Requires a stand. Select height of stand desired from pull-down menu (above). Stands are made from same material as false bottom, and provide additional filtration

         If the inside of your vessel has intrusions you can add a hinge for folding the false bottom to get around obstacles.

         3/32" holes on 5/32" centers. All components 16-gauge 304 Stainless Steel. False Bottom will support a LOT of weight!

Click the FAQs link below for detailed information on our false bottoms, stands, and videos on:

  Measuring your vessel to select the correct size Jaybird false bottom

  Understanding the options that best fit your application

  Learning more about INTEGRATED vs. SEPARATE false bottom stands 

FAQ about Jaybird False Bottoms

False Bottom FAQs? Click me!

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