Bottle Dressing Sealing Wax Beads Black - 1 Pound Pack

Bottle Dressing - Sealing Wax Beads - Black - 1 Pound

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Bottle Dressing / Sealing Wax Beads Black - 1 Pound Pack
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Bottle Sealing Wax Beads BLACK

1 Pound Enough for 30 60 Bottles

Food Grade - FDA Approved


A premium wax for dipping wine or beer bottles.

Get a tough, moisture-resistant coating on your beer or wine bottles while adding a touch of class!

Preserve freshness, fragrance, flavor, and extend the life of corked beverages (such as corked wine bottles, Belgian beer bottles)


  • Place beads in a heat-safe container - a clean, empty soup can (with label removed) works great!)
  • Heat container in kitchen oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Make sure bottle and cork are clean and dry
  • Dip bottles in melted wax for 10 15 seconds
  • Pull bottle straight up out of wax and hold vertically until any drips stop
  • Maintain melted wax at a temperature of 160 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Re-warm in oven as necessary

NOTE: A quicker dip at a higher temperature will provide a thinner coating, a slower dip will provide a thicker coating


  • FDA approved wax
  • FD&C approved coloring
  • DO NOT HEAT to over 400 degrees, as combustion may occur.
  • Keep away from heat and sunlight


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