NorCal Brewing Solutions - Custom Fabrication and Portfolio of Projects

Custom Fabrication

Our history of custom fabrication goes WAAAAAYYYY Back!

Way back to a Redding garage... way back before NorCal Brewing Solutions was a gleam in a tinkering mind.

It started with False Bottoms built as a favor for HomeBrewTalk members, and continued through custom solutions for professional wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

We can help your custom requirement come to life... be it from a small Tri Clover / Tri Clamp custom part to a complete keg washing system!

Initial consultation is always FREE. Simply CONTACT JAYBIRD!


A few samples of our custom fabrication solutions are presented below:

Picture 198 Picture 197
Picture 198

Picture 197

Picture 195 Picture 193 
Picture 196

Picture 195

Picture 193 Picture 192 
Picture 194

Picture 193

Picture 192 Picture 191
Picture 192

Picture 191

Picture 189   
Picture 190

Picture 189

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Video 18
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Portfolio of Solutions

Custom False Bottoms Other Custom Solutions
304 Stainless Steel Custom Length Draw Tube cut to Specifications
Draw Tube - 1/2" Stainless Steel - Custom Sized
Options available. Click item.