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Canning Jar Yeast Harvester - 64 Oz. Kit - Tri Clover 2"

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2" tri-clover connection to a 64 ounce (2 Quart) wide-mouth Ball, Kerr, or Mason canning jar. Complete kit ncludes jar and tri clover components
SKU 3112

Jaybird™ Ultimate Yeast Harvester

2” Tri Clover - Complete Kit

Includes 64 Ounce Wide-Mouth Glass Jar

304 Stainless Steel


One-of-a-kind tri clover connection yeast harvester for your fermenter – complete with glass canning jar, tri-clover clamp, silicone gasket, and cap!


1.    Slide the custom silicone gasket around the Harvester

2.    Place harvester on wide-mouth canning jar (included) and tighten the canning jar’s band over the Harvester

3.    Use tri-clover clamp and gasket (included) to attach to the bottom outlet of a conical fermenter

4.    Open the fermenter’s ball valve, collect yeast into canning jar

5.    Close fermenter ball valve, disconnect Harvester

6.    Place tri-clover cap over Harvester and gasket

7.    Use tri-clover clamp to form air-tight seal. Yeast is now safe for long-term storage, transport, etc.


·         All metal components (except canning jar band) are 304 Stainless Steel

·         Standard 2” tri-clover connection

·         Works with any “wide mouth” (3-inch inner opening) Ball, Kerr, Mason or equivalent canning jar


·         Name brand 64 ounce “wide mouth” glass canning jar with screw-on band

·         Jaybird™ tri-clover Yeast Harvester

·         1 canning jar silicone gasket included (additional gaskets are available as SKU# 2770)

·         2” tri clover clamp

·         2” tri clover silicone gasket

·         2” tri clover cap

PLEASE NOTE: Conical fermenter is for illustration purposes only, and is not included!

This Harvester includes a 64 ounce glass canning jar. It may not fit under some conical fermenters unless you raise the conical off the floor in order to make room for the jar, so plan ahead!

We offer 16 ounce (SKU# 3110) and 32 ounce (SKU# 3112) versions of this Harvester, and a version that EXCLUDES the canning jar altogether (SKU# xxxx).

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