Copper Mesh by the Foot for Packing a Still Column in Distilling

Copper Mesh - By the Foot

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Copper mesh sold by the foot. Perfect for packing a still column.

SKU 2554

Copper Mesh

Sold by the Foot

For Packing a Still Column


Fine copper mesh is perfect for packing a still column.

Typical usage for distilling: 3 feet packed into Sight Glass or Lyne Arm (or both).


         Fine mesh easy to bend and fold

Need more than a few feet? We offer Copper Mesh in a 30-foot roll (see SKU# 3337).

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Uber meshy mesh 05/14/2019
By Evan
This is the best copper mesh I've bought in a long time - it came in super shiny and new, the one long roll folded into foot-long lengths more neatly than the fitted sheets in my linen closet. Once I cut it up neatly with scissors, it rolled into great pipe-shaped 'lozenges' that stuffed up into a pipe nicely so that I could... um... filter 'things'. Came out still looking pretty new so I expect a long life as these balls of mesh slowly oxidize. It's a race to the finish line to see whether it's the mesh or myself that first departs from this strange, wonderful world.

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