Cornelius Keg Lid with Thermowell Side View
Cornelius Keg Lid with Thermowell Side View
Cornelius Keg Lid with Thermowell Top View

Cornelius Keg Lid with Thermowell

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Stainless steel Cornelius (corny) keg lid with thermowell.

SKU 3393

Cornelius (Corny) Keg Lid

with Thermowell

304 Stainless Steel


Monitor the temperature within a standard Ball Lock or Pin Lock Cornelius keg using this custom designed keg lid.

Thermowell extends approximately 12 inches below the keg lid top.

WILL NOT work with kegs 2.5 gallon or smaller (thermowell is too long to insert at an angle into smaller kegs – contact us if you need a shorter thermowell custom-cut for you).


·         304 Stainless Steel for all metal components

·         Standard size lid. Width: 3-3/4”, Length 4-3/8”

·         All new components, including gaskets, springs, and pressure relief valve

·         Thermowell inner opening is 5/16” – large enough for almost all temperature probes.

·         Thermowell length: 12 inches

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2 reviews

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Calibrate my analog kegerator 05/31/2022
By Joshua Pinter
Right tool for the job.

Was struggling with actual liquid temp of my cheapish kegerator. It only has a analog thermostat setting, from 1 - 5. Additionally the keg at the back had issues with freezing.

So I searched long and hard and the only keg thermowell solution was this.

Expensive, especially with shipping to Canada but absolutely worth it.

I’ve now setup my Inkbird temp controller to the kegerator and put the temp probe into the thermowell of the keg at the back. This allows me to maintain exact temperature of the liquid of the back keg.

The front two kegs will naturally be warmer so my plan is to keep ales in those ones and lager in the back keg where it’s icy cold.

Of course the main purpose of this is fermenting in a keg. I may do that as well but this is what I used it for.

Bottom line though, if you like exactness, this is a great tool to have in your kit.

Thanks for making this!!
average rating 100%
Perfect for fermenting in a keg 09/04/2019
By Cody Stewart
I use this to monitor fermentation temps in my keg. Opens and closes much smoother than my other corny lids. Definitely will buy more!

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