Draft Jockey Box - 1 tap

Draft Jockey Box - 1 tap

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Draft / Jockey Box includes Rubbermaid insulated cooler, a 50' x 3/8'' stainless steel coil, faucet, shank, and all beer line and clamps.
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This 100% assembled, ready-to-serve Draft / Jockey Box features:

* 48 Quart (12 gallon) Rubbermaid insulated cooler with sturdy handles

* 50' x 3/8'' stainless steel coil

* Faucet

* Shank

* Faucet handle

* 8 feet of 3/8" ID, 5/8" Foxx Superflex beer line (inlet side)

* 4 feet of 3/16" ID, 7/16" OD Foxx Superflex beer line (between coil and shank)

* All required clamps and hardware

Draft boxes are portable dispensing systems used to cool beer as it travels inline from the keg to the faucet.

Our draft box works well for dispensing commercial Sanke keg beers and homebrews.

Using larger 3/8" OD stainless steel tubing has two advantages:

1) Cools a greater volume of beer, and cools it faster. Each coil will hold approximately 33 oz of beer at a time.

2) The larger diameter line offers less resistance, which lets you push the beer with less applied pressure. 10-15 psi of applied pressure from the CO2 tank is perfect.

To reduce foaming issues, most people also like to ice the keg.

The low applied pressure of 10-15 psi means that if you leave the system hooked up overnight, the beer will not over carbonate. If you do not plan on keeping the keg cold, which is perfectly fine, our system still works great because you can disconnect the line to keep the beer from losing carbonation.

Note that it is much easier to over carbonate a beer left at a high psi (foamy beer) than it is to lose carbonation once a beer is overly carbonated. The reason is that gas will always keep coming from the regulator until the gas/beer pressure have reached an equilibrium (based on temperature). For a beer to lose carbonation it has to come out of solution. Because the headspace is limited, only a small amount of CO2 can come out. This is why - if you have over carbonated a beer - you have to repeatedly release pressure to bring the level of CO2 in solution down.

We do not use shanks on the back side of our boxes. We drill holes slightly smaller than the line size so that a tight seal is created but you can still pull the line in when not in use. This makes transport extremely easy. You will appreciate not having lines flopping everywhere!

You will need to purchase the appropriate tap for your needs, be it a commercial tap or cornelius ball locks or pin locks. You will also need a CO2 system: CO2 tank and regulator.

For the best performance when using a draft box, ice water is actually the most effective cooling medium. DO NOT OPEN THE VALVE ON THE COOLER to let out water.

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