Jaybird False Bottom with Handle, Hole, Integrated Stand, No Hinge

False Bottom - Kettle - Bayou Classic 1060 - 62 Quart 15.5 Gallon

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15-1/4" hinged false bottom CUSTOM MADE for Bayou Classic 1060 62-Quart (15.5 gallon) stainless steel stockpot.
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15-1/4" hinged false bottom CUSTOM MADE for Bayou Classic 1060 62-Quart (15.5 gallon) stainless steel stockpot.

Due to neck design THIS KETTLE REQUIRES A HINGE (included).

3/32" holes on 5/32" centers. Heavy-duty 16-guage Stainless steel will support a LOT of weight. Add optional handle for easy removal. We can drill an optional 1/2" dip tube hole in the center or any location you specify.

This kettle measures approximately 15" diameter inside the kettle. Due to variance in manufacturer production runs we will contact you to get an exact measurement of your kettle 2 inches above the kettle bottom.

Requires a stand. Select height of stand desired from pull-down menu.

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Quality FB 04/19/2013
By Tim McMaster
Replaced an old Pico style FB with this one. Gained more usable volume in MT.The thing fits like a glove. Quality construction with quality parts. It's a tank! Very, very pleased.
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False Bottom 09/29/2017
By Kevin Margitich
Perfectly made. Not a flaw in sight!
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