Jaybird False Bottom for Ss Brewing Tehnologies 30 Gallon Kettle

False Bottom - Kettle - SS Brewing - 30 Gallon 120 Quart

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19-9/16" false bottom with integrated stand for SS Brewing Technologies 30 gallon (120 quart) stainless steel kettle.
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Munton's Extra Light Liquid Malt Extract Syrup - NorCal Brewing Solutions

Jaybird False Bottom, Integrated Stand

for SS Brewtech 120-Quart (30 Gallon) Kettle

Use in Mash Tun or Boil Kettle



·         19-9/16” diameter false bottom. Heavy duty 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. 3/32” holes on 5/32” centers.

o   Maximum sugar extraction efficiency when used as mash tun false bottom.

o   Filters hops and adjuncts (orange peels, coriander seeds, etc.) away from dip tube when used as a boil kettle false bottom.

·         1-1/8” tall heavy duty stand (same material as false bottom) centered and welded directly to bottom side of false bottom.

o   False bottom fits BELOW kettle spigot to maximize volume and extract efficiency.

o   Hole is engineered into the stand at exact location to accept SS Brewing’s unique “slide-in” dip tube. This also helps anchor the false bottom in place.

o   Offers additional filtration of grain particles or trub material from entering dip tube.

Add an optional handle through the pull-down menu below. Handle is welded to top side of false bottom for versatile insertion and removal in one easy motion.

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