Jaybird False Bottom for MoreBeer BE303 8.5 gallon brew kettle
Jaybird False Bottom for MoreBeer BE303 8.5 gallon brew kettle
Jaybird False Bottom for MoreBeer! BE303 Kettle Top View
Jaybird False Bottom for MoreBeer! BE303 Kettle Stand ribs
Jaybird False Bottom for MoreBeer! BE303 inside Kettle

False Bottom - Kettle - MoreBeer! BE303 - 34 Quart 8.5 Gallon

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13-5/8" false bottom and stand for MoreBeer! BE303 34-Quart (8.5 gallon) stainless steel kettle.
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Jaybird False Bottom and Stand

for MoreBeer! BE303 34-Quart Kettle

Use in Mash Tun or Boil Kettle


This false bottom is custom-made for this 8.5 gallon stainless steel kettle.


·         13-5/8” diameter false bottom. Heavy duty 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. 3/32” holes on 5/32” centers.

o   Maximum sugar extraction efficiency when used as mash tun false bottom.

o   Filters hops and adjuncts (orange peels, coriander seeds, etc.) away from dip tube when used as a boil kettle false bottom.

·         2” tall heavy duty stand (same material as false bottom) centered and welded directly to bottom side of false bottom.

o   Raises false bottom above the kettle’s exit port.

o   Offers additional filtration of grain particles or trub material from entering dip tube.

·         Select optional handle (welded to top side of false bottom) for easy insertion and removal in one easy motion.

·         Dip Tube opening “Ribs” are engineered into the false bottom stand to lock the false bottom in place over the kettle’s coupling (cradles the dip tube if one is used). 

Click the FAQs link below for detailed information on our false bottoms, stands, and videos on:

§  Measuring your vessel to select the correct size Jaybird false bottom

§  Understanding the options that best fit your application

§  Learning more about INTEGRATED vs. SEPARATE false bottom stands 

FAQ about Jaybird False Bottoms

False Bottom FAQs? Click me!

Kettle is shown for illustration purposes and is not included



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