Jaybird False Bottom with Handle, Hole, Integrated Stand, No Hinge
Jaybird False Bottom with Handle, Hole, Integrated Stand, No Hinge
Jaybird False Bottom for 10 Gallon Picnic Cooler Stand with Opening

False Bottom - (with Stand) for 10 Gallon Picnic Cooler

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average rating 95%


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13" false bottom and 2" tall stand CUSTOM MADE for 10-gallon picnic coolers (any brand).Custom built to your EXACT diameter measurement 2" above cooler bottom.

PLEASE NOTE: No two picnic coolers are exactly alike - even ones with the same brand and model number. PLEASE MAKE SURE you send us the EXACT diameter measurement 2" above cooler bottom in the space provided as you check out.

3/32" holes on 5/32" centers. Heavy-duty 16-gauge Stainless steel will support a LOT of weight. Add optional handle for easy removal.

1-piece assembly integrates a heavy duty 2" tall stand welded onto false bottom. Stand is made of the same material as the false bottom, and offers additional stability and filtration.

Add an optional handle through the pull-down menu below for extremely versatile insertion and removal!

Average rating:
average rating 95%
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Great Product 01/04/2016
By bryan baker
I bought this because I was fighting stuck sparges with bigger grain bills, filter bed not setting properly and related issues. The product provides a much bigger space for wort to collect at the bottom of the cooler, stays in place even when stirring the mash, and avoids the problems I was having with the standard dome shaped filter that sits on the bottom. It does reduce you grain capacity slightly, but I brewed a bock with a 24 pound grain bill yesterday and everything fit, but just barely. I would highly recommend.
average rating 100%
Great 01/24/2013
By Kevin D
The FB was perfect, though come to find out my cooler was a little smaller at the bottom than the top. A few minutes with the angle grinder took care of that, and it sits perfect. I appreciate the 'Cheers' sanded onto the bottom, nice touch. All in all, I am a happy customer. Slow shipping, but it's custom made, so just be aware that you can't order it and expect it in 2 days.
average rating 100%
Perfecy 08/11/2015
By Dan
This is the last false bottom ill ever need. Exceptional craftmenship and quality went into the making of this FB. Thankyou Nor Cal Brewing!!!
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