Glass Carboy Fermentation Ultimate Stainless Steel Blow Off Tube
Glass Carboy Fermentation Ultimate Stainless Steel Blow Off Tube
Glass Carboy Fermentation Ultimate Stainless Steel Blow Off Tube on Carboy
304 Stainless Steel Male NPT Threaded Fitting End View

Glass Carboy Blow Off Tube - Ultimate

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U-Shaped blow-off tube for glass carboys. Prevents plugged airlocks, crimped hose
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Glass Carboy Fermenter Ultimate Blow-Off Tube

Fits 3, 5, 6 and 6.5 Gallon Glass Carboys

304 Stainless Steel


Has this ever happened to you?

You brew a batch of beer or wine, and set up a carboy with an airlock, anticipating fermentation to start in the next few hours.

Everything looks great… you go to bed.

You check on your baby the next morning only to find that active fermentation plugged your airlock!


So… You take the cap off the airlock, scrub the openings clean, and put a hose directly over the airlock’s stem. You sanitize everything, stick the hose into a tub of sanitized water, and hurry off (late) to work wondering why airlocks are made with such small openings.

You come home that evening to find the airlock plugged again… and lying on the floor next to the carboy! Backed up CO2 pressure blew it right off the fermenter! You also notice that the vinyl hose was bent over and crimped. Did that contribute to the airlock being blown off?

If only there was a way to keep this from happening!

NorCal Brewing Solutions to the rescue!

Our stainless steel blow-off tube is designed to fit glass carboys. It provides maximum flow to help prevent blockages.

Tube fits very snuggly into a standard #6.5 drilled rubber stopper (included). The inner diameter of the stainless tube is actually LARGER than the diameter of the stopper, which means it is CONSIDERABLY larger in diameter than an airlock.

During overly active fermentation foam or wort may enter the blow-off assembly, but due to the much larger diameter it passes right through into the blow-off vessel. There is WAY less chance of a plug occurring.

In addition, the rigid “Upside Down U-Shape” of the blow off tube means a blow-off hose hangs STRAIGHT DOWN into your sanitized blow-off reservoir. No hose crimping!


·         #6.5 Drilled food grade rubber stopper / bung fits 3, 5, 6, and 6.5 gallon glass carboys. DO NOT USE FOR PLASTIC CARBOYS – SEE OUR EBAY STORE FOR THE VERSION THAT DOES.

·         304 Stainless Steel tube is 6-1/2” long, 3-1/2” tall

·         1/2" diameter blow-off tube accepts standard 1/2” inner diameter hose

PLEASE NOTE: Carboy and vinyl tubing are for illustration purposes only, and are not included!

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awesome 01/30/2021
By Rennie Disrud-joris
exactly what it says I ordered a couple things I didn't need by mistake an they help clean the issue up real quick even though I'm on the other side of the states.

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