Jaybird Thrifty RIMS system 110 Volt Kit Disassembled
Jaybird Thrifty RIMS system 110 Volt Kit Disassembled
Jaybird Thrifty RIMS 110 Volt system Kit Assembled

Thrifty RIMS Kit - 110 Volt

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Jaybird's answer to expensive 110 Volt RIMS systems - Just add a PID controller!
SKU 3040

Jaybird Thrifty RIMS Kit

1,600 Watt @ 110v

304 Stainless Steel


This is Jaybird’s answer to the question: Where can I find a powerful, inexpensive, and efficient 110 volt RIMS setup for my brewery?

At the heart of this kit are 2 of our popular RIMS components:

·         Thrifty RIMS tube (SKU# 3037)

·         110 Volt Heating Element (SKU# 3277)

Just pair these items with a PID controller of your choice (not included) and you have a complete 110 volt RIMS kit at a fantastic price!

Easy to install, easy to clean!

REQUIRES A STANDARD COMPUTER POWER CORD (not supplied) that terminates in a male plug.

You will also need: A pump, high temperature hose, and liquid in / out hardware connections of your choice

RIMS Tube Details:

·         304 Stainless Steel

·         Tube housing is 13-1/4” long x 1-3/4” inner diameter

·         15” over-all length

·         2” Tri-Clover connection on heating element housing side

·         Liquid In port is 1/2" NPT Female

·         Liquid Out port is 1/2" NPT Male

Heating Element Details:

·         304 Stainless Steel

·         Element probe is 11-1/2” long x 3/4” diameter

·         Food grade, high temperature silicone seal

·         Output: Rated 1,600 watts @ 110 V

PLEASE NOTE: Using electrical devices around liquid can be hazardous. Element should never be left unattended. Please use caution when using this device, and make sure you understand what you are doing!

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Loving the Jaybird thrifty rims 110! 07/02/2020
By Tom F
I was on the fence on buying this for some time, and honestly, I wish I had purchased it much sooner. It's a lot more durable and heavy quality than I thought it would have felt in my hands. The kegland hot stick element that's included is super easy to clean. It, too, is a slick design. I use the rims tube with the Inkbird ipb 16s controller and together, they work perfectly. Holds steady mash temps, and makes step mashing easy now. Before I'd use gas, and things would be hectic sometimes and temps would get away from me. No longer. For pics check out Rose Park Brewing on Insta. Cheers! 5 stars!
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Sweet RIMS tube! 05/24/2017
By Kevin V
This RIMS tube ROCKS! I used to hold my mash temp at 154 using an Inkbird controller - works like a charm! Held the temp perfectly. The construction is solid - all welded with the exceptions of the threaded ports for inlet/outlet. The thermowell was also threaded. A bit of teflon tape and solid wrenches had me up and running in no time. Superb build Jay! Can not find any flaws yet.
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Thrifty RIMS kit 11/24/2020
By JohnG
XLNT high quality product easy to install and clean. Pair it with an accurate temperature sensor and power circuit, and you are looking at a consistent worry free mashing process.

many thanks

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