Conversion Kit - Keg - 15
Conversion Kit - Keg - 15
Conversion Kit - Keg - 15
Conversion Kit - Keg - 15
Conversion Kit - Keg - 15

Conversion Kit - Keg - 15" False Bottom, Bottom Draining, Level 3 Stand

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15" false bottom kit for bottom-draining converted keg/keggle. Reverse Hinge, Handle, and Level 3 Filtration Stand.
SKU 2117


15" false bottom for converted keg/keggle or 15" diameter flat bottom kettle.


3/32" holes on 5/32"centers. Heavy-duty 16-guage stainless steel.

Our hinges are TIG WELDED - not spot welded - for the ultimate in strength and durability.

Includes reverse hinge and handle for easy insertion and removal.

NO FALSE BOTTOM HOLE - Bottom Draining Setup

for making BIG BEERS!

This stand offers extra support in the middle of the false bottom where the greatest stress occurs when you have 25+ pounds of grain in a mash. Add the weight of the water and there is serious weight in the mash tun!

Level 3 Filter Stand

(Shown upside down to illustrate single ring)

Ultimate in weight support. Helps prevent
grain bits and trub that falls through the outer
edges of the false bottom from clogging the
dip tube. Double filtering in middle area of
false bottom, plus double ring filter to keep
spent material from dip tube.

 YouTube Video: The 4 different Jaybird
15" False Bottom Stands


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Buy This!!! 09/19/2021
By E H
I spent years using a generic false bottom made for side draining (I have a bottom drain system) and it was always a bit of a hassle, not bad enough for me spend more than I had ($30-40) but an annoyance every-time I brewed.

I finally decided I wanted an upgrade after yet another stuck mash and after looking at a few of the sanke specific options out there decided to try this one. Its been fantastic for all of my brews since. I no longer have to worry when doing 10 gallon batches, and I no longer need to cycle my pump because it created a vacuum!

If you plan to have a setup that will last years this should be a part of it! The quality of the welds is good, and the material used is thick, so even if it did break in 50 years I could easily spot weld it back together!
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Everything I hoped for and expected. 04/20/2017
By Raymond Richmond
I had seen several reviews for Norcal false bottoms and when mine arrived it lined up with all the positive comments. The welding is first rate, thermally sensitive locations have enough but not too much bead, and I doubt it will be possible for me to ever put enough grain in the tun to ever warp anything.
Extremely pleased.
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False Bottom 11/28/2016
By Kevin Kardel
Worked great! Just as advertised. Brewed a 33lb IPA and it worked like a charm. Re-circulation didn't get stuck and the wort was clear. Make sure you order the correct one. I ordered the bottom draining and it did not come with the dip tube hole. Drilled my own.
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