Conversion Kit - Keg - 15
Conversion Kit - Keg - 15
Conversion Kit - Keg - 15
Conversion Kit - Keg - 15
Conversion Kit - Keg - 15

Conversion Kit - Keg - 15" False Bottom, Reverse Hinge, Handle, Hole, Level 1 Stand

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15" false bottom for side-draining converted keg/keggle. Reverse Hinge, Handle, Hole, and Level 1 Filtration Stand.
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15" false bottom for converted keg/keggle or 15" diameter flat bottom kettle.


3/32" holes on 5/32"centers. Heavy-duty 16-guage stainless steel.

Our hinges are TIG WELDED - not spot welded - for the ultimate in strength and durability.

Includes 1/2" dip tube hole located just off-center. Includes reverse hinge and handle for easy insertion and removal.

for making BIG BEERS!

This stand offers extra support in the middle of the false bottom where the greatest stress occurs when you have 25+ pounds of grain in a mash. Add the weight of the water and there is serious weight in the mash tun!

Level 1 Filter Stand

Works great with REVERSE HINGE false bottom

Good weight support.
Minimal filtering of grain bits or trub.

 YouTube Video: The 4 different Jaybird
15" False Bottom Stands


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Perfect fit for keg mash tun 01/31/2022
By Derek Jorgensen
Was originally using a PICO false bottom in my keg mash tun but it created more than 2 gallons of dead space. It was all recoverable dead space due to a dip tube, but I still had to add those 2 gallons to my mash water volume. This made it difficult to brew smaller batches with decent efficiency without oversparging. With this false bottom I dropped the dead space down to less than a gallon and reduced my total mash in volume. Build quality is also good, welds look solid, and it fits perfectly against the walls of the keg bottom. Huge improvement, hate that I've been brewing all this time without it.
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