Conversion Kit - Keg - 15
Conversion Kit - Keg - 15
Conversion Kit - Keg - 15
Conversion Kit - Keg - 15
Conversion Kit - Keg - 15

Conversion Kit - Keg - 15" False Bottom, Reverse Hinge, Handle, Hole, Level 3 Stand

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15" false bottom for side-draining converted keg/keggle. Reverse Hinge, Handle, and Hole, and Level 3 Filtration Stand.
SKU 2120

15" false bottom for converted keg/keggle or 15" diameter flat bottom kettle.


3/32" holes on 5/32"centers. Heavy-duty 16-guage stainless steel.

Our hinges are TIG WELDED - not spot welded - for the ultimate in strength and durability.

Includes 1/2" dip tube hole located just off-center. Includes reverse hinge and handle for easy insertion and removal.

for making BIG BEERS!

This stand offers extra support in the middle of the false bottom where the greatest stress occurs when you have 25+ pounds of grain in a mash. Add the weight of the water and there is serious weight in the mash tun!

Level 3 Filter Stand

(Shown upside down to illustrate double rings)

Ultimate in weight support. Helps prevent
grain bits and trub that falls through the outer
edges of the false bottom from clogging the
dip tube. Double filtering in middle area of
false bottom, plus double ring filter to keep
spent material away from dip tube.

 YouTube Video: The 4 different Jaybird
15" False Bottom Stands


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The Perfect False Bottom! 11/16/2015
By David Massey
Just got these false bottoms for my mash tun and boil kettle. I always use pellet hops and a plate chiller so I was concerned about clogging the chiller. Rest assured, these false bottoms handle business! Used them for the first time this weekend with absolutely no issues. Clean flow throughout and had a beautifully clear wort flowing within minutes on my RIMS set up. I got the level 3 filter and honestly didn't see a single grain husk come through! I'm using converted kegs and the dip tube was cut perfectly so as not to restrict any liquid flowing from the bottom of the keg. Outstanding all around and SHMBO even got a kick out of the custom "cheers" on the false bottoms. Great purchase!
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Excellent quality 04/11/2017
By Richard Burkard
High quality and worth the money. Fits perfectly in my keggle and is very strong.
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