1/2 Inch Diameter 304 Stainless Steel Racking Cane for Speidel 120L with 1.5
1/2 Inch Diameter 304 Stainless Steel Racking Cane for Speidel 120L with 1.5
1/2 Inch Diameter Stainless Racking Cane for Speidel 120L with 1.5
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Racking Cane - Speidel 120L - Tri Clover 1.5"

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39" long x 1/2" diameter stainless steel racking cane for Speidel 120L and larger fermenters and storage tanks. 1.5" Tri Clover connection. Can be custom cut to your exact length.

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Speidel 120L Racking Cane 1/2" x 1.5 Tri Clover

39 Long, - or cut to your specification

304 Stainless Steel


Need a custom length? Use pull-down menu to select size range, then enter exact size desired in the text box area in the shopping cart screen. 5 foot maximum length.

Stainless steel racking cane, 39 long x 4-1/8 wide x 1/2" diameter tube. 1.5 Tri Clover connection.

Specifically designed for barrels: A full 10 inches longer than our standard 1.5 Tri Clover racking cane (SKU# 2882)

Rack beer, wine, etc. from Speidel tanks and fermenters 120 liters or larger.

Easy to clean. Many years of rust-free service!

Accepts any type of .5 inner diameter tubing / hose:

         Vinyl (SKU# 0516)

         Hi Temp Silicone (SKU# 0396)

Accepts 1.5 Tri Clover connection. To properly connect use:

         1.5 Tri Clover gasket (SKU# 1676)

         1.5 Tri Clover clamp (SKU# 0808)


         304 Stainless Steel

         120 degree angle bend

         Over-all length is 39 inches

         Approximately 4-1/8 wide at widest point (Tri-Clover connection to shaft)

         Tube is .5 outer diameter

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