Jaybird Speidel Plastic Fermenter or Storage Tank Gas Pushed Transfer System

Transfer Tool - Speidel

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Use any type of compressed gas to rack from a Speidel plastic fermenter or storage tank. This model racking cane length is insufficient to reach the bottom of 120L Speidel Fermenters; new sizes coming soon!
SKU 3557
Racking Cane Type:

Speidel Transfer Tool

(for Plastic Fermenters & Storage Tanks)

304 Stainless Steel


NEW!!! Replace the standard racking cane with a custom connection racking cane (scroll to the bottom for details).

Use compressed gas of your choice (CO2, Nitrogen, etc.) to rack from Speidel fermenter or storage tank to any other vessel.

Works with ALL Speidel plastic fermenters and storage tanks larger than 12L (3.2 gallons)


·         All metal components are 304 Stainless Steel

Racking Cane and Compression Fitting:

·         Over-all length is 29 inches long

·         Draw tube is .5” outer diameter. Accepts any type of .5” inner diameter hose

·         Pass-through compression fitting slides up and down the draw tube, adjusting to fit specific Speidel model’s height

·         High temperature o-ring sits inside compression fitting – Prevents liquid and gas from passing through fitting

Transfer Tool Body:

·         Slides up and down racking cane while holding custom-drilled #8.5 Stopper (included) in place

 CO2 Ball Lock Connector:

·         Use a standard “Gas In” Ball Lock (SKU# 0132 or SKU# 0134 – sold separately) to quickly connect and disconnect CO2 or other gas source

NEW!!! Use the pull-down menu to replace the standard racking cane with one of the following connection type racking canes:

·         .75 inch Tri Clover connection (SKU# 3104)

·         1.5 inch Tri Clover connection (SKU# 2882)

·         2 inch Tri Clover connection (SKU# 3102)

·         1/2" NPT Male connection (SKU# 3093)

·         Liquid Out Ball Lock connection (SKU# 3103)

 YouTube Video: Jaybird Carboy Contents Transfer Tool by NorCal Brewing Solutions

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