Canning Jar Yeast Harvester - Tri Clover - 1.5"

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1-1/2" tri-clover connection to a wide-mouth Ball, Kerr, or Mason canning jar
SKU 2774

Jaybird™ Yeast Harvester

1.5” Tri Clover Connection for

Ball, Kerr, or Mason Wide-Mouth Jar

304 Stainless Steel


One-of-a-kind Tri Clover connection yeast harvester for your fermenter!


1.    Slide the custom silicone gasket around the Harvester

2.    Place harvester on wide-mouth canning jar (not included) and tighten the canning jar’s band over the Harvester

3.    Use tri-clover clamp and gasket (not included) to attach to the bottom outlet of a conical fermenter

4.    Open the fermenter’s ball valve, collect yeast into canning jar


·         304 Stainless Steel

·         1 canning jar silicone gasket included (additional gaskets are available as SKU# 2770)

·         1.5” tri-clover connection

·         Works with any “wide mouth” (3-inch inner opening) Ball, Kerr, Mason or equivalent canning jar

PLEASE NOTE: Canning jar, jar band, tri-clover clamp, and conical fermenter are for illustration purposes only, and are not included!

WE ALSO OFFER COMPLETE Jaybird™ Ultimate Yeast Harvester Kits in 16 ounce (SKU# 2779), 32 ounce (SKU# 2775), and 64 ounce (SKU# 2780) sizes. These expanded kits include the canning jar, jar band, 1.5” tri clover clamp with gasket and cap.

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Must have 06/28/2017
By Mike Sharp
This is without question the best $25 I've ever spent on homebrewing. I use this with my SS Brewtech Chronical. The first 16 ounce Ball jar removes all kettle trub, hops and cold break that make it into the fermenter. A second jar handles the remaining sediment from fermentation and even acts as a sight glass so I can observe active fermentation. 8 ounce jars then capture the creamiest purest yeast I have ever harvested. The yeast is cleaner than I've ever been able to get with washing.

If you harvest and wash yeast you must have this!
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Tri-Clover Mason Jar Yeast Harvester 06/02/2016
By Fernando Campo
I wanted to collect yeast from my conical fermenter without exposing it to air and contamination. I searched around for a solution and found the sight glasses are too small and expensive so I bought this adapter without hesitation.
I liked the idea of using several inexpensive glass mason jars to collect and store yeast.
Adapter came with a spare silicone jar lid seal.
It is nicely tig welded and smooth finished.
On my first test had a small leak on the jar lid but sealed ok once tighten hard.
The Tri Clover end fits and seals perfectly on my Ss Brewtech 7 gal Chronical Fermenter.
I needed to place some wood blocks to extend the legs of fermenter to acomodate the collecting jar below fermenter.
I wish I had bought the whole kit with Tri Clover clamp, the cap and silicone seal but will buy them later.
Overall it is a great add-on to my brewing toy box which will make yeast collection an easy and fun task.
Chin Chin ...!!!
Salud ...!!!
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It works 11/19/2018
By Travis Combel
It works as advertised when connected to the bottom of your fermentor. You'll have to work on your technique, but it does the trick. What you don't want to do is seal up the jar after you remove it: trapped CO2. And you don't want to close the dump valve and leave your jar on. Same issue, especially if it warms up.

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