3-8 Inch Inner Diameter Vinyl Tubing for Beer, Wine, Homebrew

Tubing - 3/8" ID Food Grade Vinyl - Foot

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3/8" inner diameter vinyl tubing. *** SOLD BY THE FOOT ***

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Vinyl Tubing – Food Grade

For racking / siphoning beer, wine, etc.

3/8 Inch Inner Diameter


Food grade clear vinyl tubing allows you to see liquid as it passes through.

If you are getting excessive air in your transfer line – you’ll know it, and can adjust for it!

Works with any 3/8” diameter:

·         Spigot

·         Bottle filler / bottling wand

·         Stainless steel racking cane

·         Siphon stem tip

This is replacement hose / tubing for the following items:

·         Rack and Fill Kit

·         Mini Auto Siphon

·         Regular Auto Siphon

A typical rack / transfer setup will need 4 to 5 feet of tubing.


·         Food grade, clear vinyl

·         3/8” inner diameter

·         Sold by the foot

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