Ball, Kerr, Mason wide mouth canning jar stainless steel lid with airlock grommet

Canning Jar Lid - Airlock Grommet

Canning Jar Lid - Airlock Grommet
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304 stainless steel canning jar lid with airlock grommet for wide-mouth Ball, Kerr, or Mason jars
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Jaybird™ Wide Mouth Canning Jar Lid

with Airlock Grommet

304 Stainless Steel


Stainless steel wide mouth Kerr, Ball, or Mason canning jar lid.

Drilled, with 3/8” inner diameter airlock grommet (food grade rubber) mounted in the middle.

Silicone gasket surrounds lid and provides liquid and air-tight seal.


·         304 stainless steel

·         Fits all 3” diameter (standard “wide mouth”) canning jars

·         100% food grade silicone gasket snaps onto and around lid portion of our canning jar line of products

·         3/8” inner diameter grommet accepts 3-piece and “double bubble” airlocks

PLEASE NOTE: Canning jar is for illustration purposes only – sold separately!

Canning Jar Lid - Airlock Grommet
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Canning Jar Lid - Airlock Grommet
great addition to my sauerkraut setup
I have been making homemade sauerkraut for awhile now and had DIY'd a plastic lid with a hole drilled in it where I installed a drilled stopper and an airlock. it never really would seal properly. This seals great and allows me to use standard mason jar lid rings. Thanks, you are always coming up with the best ideas and have the best prices.
Canning Jar Lid - Airlock Grommet
Great for small fermentations
I love these for forced fermentations to see what my final gravity will be. Perfect fit for typical airlocks. Would recommend.

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