Tri Clover - Blow Off Tube and Coupling - 3"

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3" Tri Clover fermenter blow off tube and 1/2" NPT Coupler Pass-Through. Clamp and gasket sold separately.
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Tri Clover Fermenter Blow-Off Tube

And 1/2" NPT Coupling Pass Through

3" TC x 9-1/4” Long x 1/2" Diameter Tube

304 Stainless Steel


This is essentially two of our other product offerings combined into a single device:

·         3” Tri Clover Fermenter Blow-Off Tube (sku# 2813)

·         3” Tri Clover Full Coupling with Pass Through (sku# 2818)

Fermenter Blow-Off component:

So you have that nice, shiny conical fermenter. You just brewed a batch of beer, and you set up a blow-off tube attached to the top of your fermenter, terminating into a jar filled with sanitized water.

Everything looks great… you go to bed.

You check on your baby the next morning only to find that the blow-off hose crimped upon itself. Your wort is fermenting… but unwanted back pressure has formed behind the hose crimp.

Dang it! If only there was a way to keep that from happening!

NorCal Brewing Solutions to the rescue!

Our fermenter blow-off tube replaces soft hose with a METAL arm that clamps to the top of your fermenter with a Tri Clover clamp. The entire arm is made of 304 stainless steel extending all the way past the edge of your fermenter.

Simply attach an inexpensive 1/2" inner diameter hose (plain vinyl works fine) and drop it straight down into your sanitized water jar.

Since your hose now falls straight up and down vertically, there is NO WAY IT CAN CRIMP ITSELF!

Full Coupling Pass Through component:

Attach two 1/2" NPT Male connecting items to each other through use of a 3 inch tri-clover master connection.

Allows NPT items to be connected INSIDE a conical fermenter, etc. and connected to the outside world with a standard 1/2" NPT Male connection.


·         All components are 304 Stainless Steel

·         3” Tri-clover connection on fermenter end requires clamp (sold separately) and gasket (sold separately)

·         Tube is .5” outer diameter, accepts any type of .5” inner diameter blow-off hose

·         Length of tube (from outside edge of 90 degree angle to outside edge of 90 degree angle) is 9.25 inches

·         Over-all Height is 3.6 inches

·         Over-all Length is 11.75 inches

1/2" NPT spray head is for illustration purposes only – sold separately.

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