Corny Ball Lock Gas In with Pressure Relief Valve 2 inch Tri Clover

Tri Clover - 2" Corny Gas in with Pressure Relief Valve

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Cornelius (Corny) Ball Lock Gas In with Pressure Relief Valve for 2" Tri Clover Connection

SKU 3368

Ball Lock “Gas In” with Pressure Relief Valve

2” Tri Clover Connection

304 Stainless Steel


Stainless steel Ball Lock “Gas In” adapter provides Ball Lock Gas In through a 2” Tri Clover connection.

Built-in Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) helps protect the vessel in case CO2 regulator is cranked too high, or CO2 builds up inside vessel due to spontaneous fermentation.

This item works GREAT with kegs that have had the spear removed!


·         304 Stainless Steel for all metal components

·         Use at the TOP of the fermentation vessel

·         Use 2” Tri Clover clamp (not included) and gasket (not included) for sanitary, leak-free attachment

·         Use with a standard “Gas In” Ball Lock (SKU# 0132 or SKU# 0134 – sold separately) to quickly connect and disconnect CO2 source

·         Comes apart for cleaning and poppet replacement just like any standard ball lock post

PLEASE NOTE: Pressure Relief Valve is set to approximately 5 pounds of pressure when it leaves our warehouse. You can increase the pressure by tightening the spring on the valve. USE CAUTION! We make no claims as to how high the pressure can go before vessel damage or human injury occurs.

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