Jaybird Beer Brewing Whirlpool Aeration Mash Paddle Stir End

Brewing Paddle - STANDARD Whirlpool / Aeration

Brewing Paddle - STANDARD Whirlpool / Aeration
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Extremely versatile 304 stainless steel Whirlpool / Aeration paddle.
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Jaybird™ STANDARD Whirlpool / Aeration
Beer Brewing Paddle



304 Stainless Steel – 22” Long, 5” Blades


Extremely versatile Whirlpool / Aeration paddle.


·         Makes a perfect whirlpool in the boil kettle to “cone” the trub, hops, away from the exit port

·         Use with a power drill at higher speed settings to aerate wort (after cooling) for enhanced yeast activity

·         Perfect length to reach deep into large kettles or converted beer kegs, yet short enough to use with fermenting buckets, stove-top kettles

·         Much better than plastic spoons or paddles – WON’T BEND or WARP when exposed to heat!

·         Drill end: Optionally attach to a 1/2” or larger power drill for the ultimate in easy stirring. NO HEX BIT in this model.

·         Blade end:

·         3/32” holes on 5/32” centers – Made from the same material as our famous Jaybird False Bottoms

·         Allows the perfect amount of liquids and solids to pass through the blades to create a strong whirlpool

·         Creates a strong, whip-like aeration in cooled wort when used with a power drill. Yeast LOVE the extra oxygen this infuses!

·         Features plastic plug so mash, trub, or wort doesn’t enter the paddle tube

·         Quality construction – Made in USA.

 YouTube Video: Whirlpool, Stir, or Mash
Paddle - What's the Difference?

Brewing Paddle - STANDARD Whirlpool / Aeration
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Brewing Paddle - STANDARD Whirlpool / Aeration
Whirlpool Paddle
Just what I was looking for to create a whirlpool for flameout hops and creating a nice trub cone. Attach a drill, few second spin, pull out and Boom.

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