Jaybird Lifetime Whirlpool Beer Brewing Aeration Mash Paddle Stir End
Jaybird Lifetime Whirlpool Beer Brewing Aeration Mash Paddle Stir End
Jaybird Lifetime Whirlpool Beer Brewing Aeration Mash Paddle
Jaybird Lifetime Whirlpool Beer Brewing Aeration Mash Paddle Stir End View2
Jaybird Lifetime Whirlpool Beer Brewing Aeration Mash Paddle Drill End

Brewing Paddle - LIFETIME Whirlpool / Aeration

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Extremely versatile heavy duty reinforced-weld Whirlpool / Aeration paddle with built in hex bit. Permanently sealed tip. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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Jaybird™ Lifetime Whirlpool / Aeration
Beer Brewing Paddle

Lifetime Warranty

304 Stainless Steel – 22” Long, 3.5” Blades

Built-in 3/8” Hex Bit


Extremely versatile Whirlpool / Aeration paddle with built in hex bit. Works with ALL 1/2" drills and MOST 3/8” drills (see note at bottom)

Permanently welded tip. Shaft is completely sealed top and bottom.

Guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own it!


·         Makes a perfect whirlpool in the boil kettle to “cone” the trub, hops, away from the exit port

·         Use with a power drill at higher speed settings to aerate wort (after cooling) for enhanced yeast activity

·         Perfect 22” length to reach deep into large kettles or converted beer kegs, yet short enough to use with fermenting buckets, stove-top kettles

·         Better than plastic spoons or paddles – WON’T BEND or WARP when exposed to heat!

·         Drill end: Features welded 3/8” hex bit so you can optionally attach to a power drill for the ultimate in easy stirring

·         Blade end:

·         Extreme duty design with folded-over blades, multiple TIG weld spots per blade

·         Blades are 3.5” in diameter, with 3/32” holes on 5/32” centers – Made from the same material as our famous Jaybird False Bottoms

·         Allows the perfect amount of liquids and solids to pass through the blades to create a strong whirlpool

·         Creates a strong, whip-like aeration in cooled wort when used with a power drill. Yeast LOVE the extra oxygen this infuses!

·         Features a permanently welded plug so mash, trub, or wort doesn’t enter the paddle tube

·         Quality construction – Lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Made in USA.

NOTE: Our 3/8” stainless hex bit measures EXACTLY 3/8”. MOST, but not ALL 3/8” drills will accept this bit. Some 3/8” drill brands are just shy of actually opening a full 3/8”. To play it safe, we recommend that you have a 1/2” drill on hand.


YouTube Video: Whirlpool, Stir, or Mash
Paddle - What's the Difference?

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Amazing pieces of kit 03/03/2024
By Charles Martin
Received my aeration/whirlpool paddle and my sparge diffusion plate with quick disconnect and at first glance I was very amazed at the build quality of these items. I mean they are extremely well made. They will last a lifetime, I can’t even imagine how it would be possible to destroy these items. The only con I see is that they are not cheap, but on the other hand I’ll never have to replace them. In the long run it will be cheaper than the other cheap items that you have to replace every year or two. Yes I can whirlpool just using a standard mash paddle but this new paddle is more fun to use, attach to a drill and in about a min just let it rest for 20 minutes and you’ll have the prettiest hop mound right smack in the middle of your kettle. They arrived very quickly and in a very nice package. I couldn’t be more happier!
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I call it the "Hops Hurricane" 11/25/2020
By Paul Kelly
This thing is freakin' AWESOME! I used it to brew up a batch of "Zappa Too IPA". This paddle created a HUGE whirlpool that made the hops aroma EXPLODE! Only used it for about 6 minutes with 2 oz. of Zappa at 165 degrees during the chill. The extra aeration made the yeast very happy. I'm anxiously awaiting carbonation in the bottle...
Only con is that it's a bit difficult to steady the drill in the wort, but had a few practice runs in a brew pot of water beforehand.
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Great Tool for the Serious Homebrewer 06/11/2020
By Scott Bawden
Excellent welded construction. Produces a vigorous whirlpool in seconds effortlessly using a handheld electric drill. Some of our brews have a ton of hops, this tool makes a mountain in the middle of the kettle, allowing a nice, clear wort going into the fermenter. Should have gotten this a long time ago!

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