False Bottoms, Conversion - Keg - 15.5 Gal Straight Wall - 3-Vessel Complete Kits

NorCal Brewing Solutions offers complete WELDLESS and WELDED kits for converting all 3 vessels in a converted keg / keggle system:

  • Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) for heating mash water and sparge water

  • Lauter / Mash Tun (MLT) with false bottom and stand for mashing (starch conversion), sparging and lautering even HUGE beers

  • Boil Kettle (BK) with false bottom for filtering out hops and adjuncts

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Conversion Kit - 3-Vessel Keg / Keggle - Ultimate - Welded
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Conversion Kit - 3-Vessel Keg / Keggle - Ultimate - Weldless
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Brand New Half Barrel Tri Clover Sanke Keg Ready for Modifications
Sanke Keg - Half Barrel - New - Add Custom Modifications
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