4 Inch Tri Clover, Tri Clamp Distilling Sight Glass with Twin Bubble Plates
4 Inch Tri Clover, Tri Clamp Distilling Sight Glass with Twin Bubble Plates
4 Inch Tri Clover, Tri Clamp Distilling Sight Glass with Twin Bubble Plates Stacked

Tri Clover - 4" Double Bubble Plate Distilling Sight Glass

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Double Bubble Plate Distilling Sight Glass

304 Stainless Steel – 4” Tri Clover / Tri Clamp Connection

Use with our 10 Liter (2.5 Gallon) Sanke Kegs



Distilling Bubble Plates are perhaps arguably the most crucial distilling invention since the invention of the still itself. Although they were originally invented in 1828, they are finding new-found popularity with artisans and hobby distillers today.

The job of a Bubble Plate is simple: To force as much interaction of liquid and vapor as possible inside a still.

Each Bubble Plate has one or more "bubbles" and a single downcomer (essentially a "bubble" that is mounted upside down on the underside of the plate).


The downcomer - as the name implies - is a one-way "return valve" for the liquid gathering above the Bubble Plate. The liquid returns either to the boiler or to the (optional) Bubble Plate assembly below it.

A crucial part the downcomer plays is setting the level of the liquid above the Bubble Plate. The top of the downcomer is always lower than the top of each Bubble, creating a "drain plug" for the condensed liquid.


Each "bubble" in a bubble plate acts as a one-way valve; allowing vapor to go UP through the bubble while preventing distillate from dripping back down through the Bubble.

The action of the vapor bursting through the bubble roils the liquid within the Bubble Plate container, forcing a much larger vapor-to-liquid interaction than simple column distilling produces.


If ONE Bubble Plate is great, then TWO would be better, right?

Fans of distilling Thumpers appreciate the fact that they can be placed in series, where one Thumper feeds vapor to the next one in line. Bubble Plates can be stacked on each each other, providing a repeating column reflux.

The problem is that every component added to a still takes up valuable space. Not just physical space in a distillery, but actual vapor and distillate travel distance. This doesn't seem like a huge deal until you consider that more energy must be supplied to the boiler in order to increase the pressure for all that interaction to happen prior to the collection point.


We engineered a 4-Inch Tri Clover / Tri Clamp Sight Glass solution that maximizes vapor efficiency while taking up minimal column space.

How did we do it?

By incorporating TWO Bubble Plates within a single sight glass... one on the BOTTOM, and one at the TOP. This innovation provides two Bubble Plates in half the space!

·         The bottom Bubble Plate is easily viewed through the sight glass, allowing visual feedback for temperature and condenser energy controls.

·         The top Bubble Plate runs "blind". That is, only the downcomer liquid drain is visible through the sight glass. However, there is enough reservoir room within the top of the sight glass to effectively perform a SECOND Bubble Plate interaction.


YES! You can stack two of these Double Bubble Plate Distilling Sight Glasses on each other to effectively get FOUR Bubble Plates in your distilling column!

Feel free to CONTACT US with any adaptation questions.


·         8” over-all height (with gasket installed).

·         Total of 5 Bubble Caps plus 1 downcomer.

·         4" Tri Clover / Tri Clamp connection requires clamp (SKU# 3240 – not included) and gasket (SKU# 2408 – not included)

·         Bubbles and downcomer 100% copper.

·         All other metal components are 304 Stainless Steel

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Best product ever! 03/31/2024
By Julian Murphy
Such high quality craftsmanship I can’t imagine the skilled workers who created this! Fast service! Friendly staff!

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