Weldless Draw Tube for Converted American, European Sanke Kegs

Draw Tube - 1/2” Stainless - Weldless

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Draw tube portion of weldless dip tube.
SKU 2500
If modifying length or height, please specify custom size:

Stainless Steel Draw Tube

For Converted Sanke Keg / Keggle

Sized for Weldless Attachment


This draw tube is specifically designed to be used in a keg or keggle that has been converted into a Hot Liquor Tank (HLT), Mash / Lauter Tun (MLT), or Boil Kettle (BK).

Because it is designed for WELDLESS attachment it is shorter than our WELDED attachment draw tube in order to accommodate an NPT coupling on the INSIDE of the keg.

It is the same HEIGHT as our welded attachment draw tube.

Please note: A DRAW TUBE is only the pickup part of a DIP TUBE. It does NOT include the compression fitting or weldless attachment hardware. If you need a complete Dip Tube, use SKU# 2501.

Works with ALL Half Barrel (15.5 gallon) American and 50 Liter (13.2 gallon) European Sanke kegs.

Does NOT work with Coors “Belly Kegs”. (Use SKU# xxxx)


·         304 Stainless Steel

·         Outer diameter: 1/2”

·         Vertical measurement: 3-5/8”

·         Horizontal measurement: 5-1/2”

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