2 Inch Filter Tri Clover Extension Spool Custom Built to Specified Length End
2 Inch Filter Tri Clover Extension Spool Custom Built to Specified Length End
2 Inch Tri Clover Filter Extension Spool Custom Built to Specified Length

Tri Clover - Extension Filter Spool - 2” x Custom Length

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2" Tri Clover Extension Spool with Filter BUILT TO YOUR EXACT SPECIFIED LENGTH.
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Custom 2” Tri Clover Extension Spool


2" TC x Custom Length from 1.125” to 5’

304 Stainless Steel


Our false bottoms do such a great job of trapping hop debris, coriander seed, orange peel, and other adjuncts in boil kettles that we thought we would use the same material to filter trub passing through Tri Clover spool.

And soon after we had the idea: Tri Clover Spool “hop rocket”!

The next step was to give our customers the option of making the spool as long or as short as they need for their specific application. Need to pack a lot of hops? Specify a longer spool!

This is the same offering as our SKU #2784, except with a 304 stainless steel MESH welded inside the spool on one of the ends. The other end is open and unobstructed, allowing you to “pack” the spool from that end.

The mesh acts as a filter which traps any item over 3/32” in diameter.

Pack the open end of the spool with leaf or pellet hops, clamp the spool in-line between your wort “out” port and fermenter “in” port, and push beer wort through the spool, infusing the beer wort with flavor and aroma!

Specify extension spool length in any size from a minimum of 1.125 inches to a maximum length of 5 feet – accurate to within 3/32 of an inch!


·         All components are 304 Stainless Steel

·         Spool is 2” outer diameter

·         Tri-clover connection on each end attaches with 2” tri clover clamp and gasket (not included)

·         Filter material is the same material we use for our famous Jaybird false bottoms: 16 gauge perforated 304 stainless steel with 3/32” holes on 5/32” centers.

·         All measurements are targeted to within 3/32”

Specify custom length through pull-down menus (round UP to nearest inch) and enter exact size desired in the text box area in the shopping cart screen

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Filter Spool 06/21/2021
By Brett Causey
Great customer service.
Used in a non brewing application.
Worked as intended.
Good quality

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