Triple Scale Hydrometer for Beer, Wine. Original Gravity, Brix, ABV

Hydrometer - Triple Scale

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Low priced, high quality hydrometer. 9.75" long, with easy-to-read 3-scale readout.

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Low priced, high quality hydrometer. 9.75" long, with a solid metal base and easy-to-read 3-scale readout. Packaged, with instructions, in a plastic tube. Readings idealized at 60°F.


   • Brix: 0-38

   • Potential ABV: 0-22%

   • Specific Gravity: 0.990 - 1.170

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How to Calibrate a Hydrometer

Average rating:
average rating 80%
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average rating 80%
Dip Tube suggestion 12/06/2016
By Joseph Keogh
The first time I installed the dip tube in my fermentor and filled it, the fermentor leaked at the fitting and I had to transfer my wort to a carboy. I was going to return it but thyoughyt about and made a rubber gasket to go between the plate and the fermentor and no more leaks. A sanitary gasket, if there is such a thing would be better than the rubber one i made. I think you should offer a gasket for those plates.

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