Jaybird False Bottom with Handle, Hole, Integrated Stand, No Hinge

False Bottom - 55 Gallon Drum

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average rating 92%
22-1/4" false bottom for converted drum / barrel. Optional handle, stand, hole, etc.
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Jaybird False Bottom

for 55 Gallon Drum Barrel

304 Stainless Steel


Custom manufactured 22-1/4” Jaybird False Bottom custom made to fit typical 55-gallon drum barrel.

·         Select optional handle(s) for easy insertion and removal

·         Select optional hole of any size in any location you specify (use text entry area provided above)

·         Select optional integrated stand (false bottom permanently attached) or separate stand (false bottom not attached). Stands are made from same material as false bottom, and provide additional filtration

·         If the inside of your vessel has intrusions you can add a hinge for folding the false bottom to get around obstacles (you won’t be able to use an integrated stand if you add a hinge).

·         Select optional hole of any size in any location you specify (use text entry area provided above)

·         3/32" holes on 5/32" centers. All components 16-gauge 304 Stainless Steel. False Bottom will support a LOT of weight!

PLEASE NOTE: 55 Gallon drums vary slightly in diameter. PLEASE ENTER EXACT DIAMETER of your vessel in the text entry area provided above.

Click the FAQs link below for detailed information on our false bottoms, stands, and videos on:

§  Measuring your vessel to select the correct size Jaybird false bottom

§  Understanding the options that best fit your application

§  Learning more about INTEGRATED vs. SEPARATE false bottom stands 

FAQ about Jaybird False Bottoms

False Bottom FAQs? Click me!

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Average rating:
average rating 92%
5 reviews

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 80%
Great false bottom 02/20/2013
By Dan Sowers
& stand, and customer service was excellent as well. They even called to ask me to double-check the interior diameter of my mash tun, because apparently they've discovered recently that there are two slightly different sizes of 55 gallon drum being manufactured, and they wanted to make sure I got the right size. That being said, if the bottom were manufactured 1/16" larger, it would be a snugger fit, which would be nice (the only reason I knocked the score down half a star). When a company seems to be one of the few (or one and only) manufacturers of a specialty item like this, you sometimes find that quality is lacking and/or pricing is exorbitant; not so with NorCal Brewing Solutions. The machining is superb and pricing was reasonable, if not truly "cheap". Then again, you get what you pay for, as they say. All in all, a great buy, great product, and great customer experience.
average rating 100%
False Bottom for corn mash 09/08/2015
By Jeff Irons - Irons Distillery
In my nano-distillery, I separate the grains from the wash after fermentation, and give the grains to a local farmer. I was looking for a solution to allow my grains to drain completely, so I can get as much wash for distilling as possible. This false bottom provides the ideal solution. I pre-screen the grains, then pitch the grains into a 55 gallon drum on top of the false drum. Overnight the grains will "drip dry" allowing me to retrieve more wash, and getting drier grains for the farmer - versus grains and liquid all mixed together. This is a great solutions for corn mash - but give it time to work. Overnight is ideal
average rating 100%
Expensive 05/29/2018
By chelan vanderlip
Works great. Easy to clean mash, hops a bit harder, two handles and hinged. 4" bottom riser. I use a propane burner and it boils a half barrel no problem. I measured my barrel at 22 1/4" but could have gone with 22 3/8". Way to expensive to send to Canada, but not another option so far. Cost me $80 CAD in border fees. I would order a couple more if I had the cash.

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